31: S2E31: Cloud growth continues at speed for the big three

While Dominic is in the alps, doing yoga with goats, Zack, Lilac and Mike got together to talk about the recent Google, Microsoft and Amazon earning report showing that cloud is still growing rapidly. Will it ever end? The gang also gets into product death and how to communicate end of life of products/components and how enterprises should deal with it.

AWS Sees 37 Percent Quarterly Growth As Amazon Disappoints


Alphabet Earnings: Google Cloud Revenue Climbs 54 Percent To $4.63B


Microsoft CEO Nadella Touts ‘New Franchises’ In Security, Gaming, LinkedIn As Cloud Growth Surges


Cloud earnings: AWS “reaccelerates,” Azure up 51%, Google Cloud up 54%


The 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services



Product Death

How to handle products or component that reach end of life and what to do as an enterprise.

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