S2E22: Microsoft pushes low-code deep into the business by turning natural speech into code with GPT-3; state of cloud & a16z’s on-prem report; Rapid7 breach & AWS re:Inforce

The team passionately debates the impact of GPT-3 converting speech to code on the business and software developers. Microsoft introduces this as a low code feature at their Build Conference.

@Mike points out that IT must provide the business with guard rails. “The biz knows how to read and use the data, more so than someone in a technology role. This is the democratization of software development, and data is the next step. It’s going to continue and has to continue.”

@Mike reminds us that Bubble & SquareSpace are empowering users to create the next Amazon or Shopify with no-code.

@Lilac is looking for a low code version of Atlassian. “A CICD type cycle that allows people to manage these type assets, to cycle them and collaborate against them, relate them, fork them, etc.”

A16z pens an article about cloud and repatriation cost but quickly loses credibility with the classic and worn-out Dropbox example. The team debates the report and future of the cloud.

Speed round:

Apple iPad Pro and the Center Stage feature is impressive. @Dominic shares his feedback on the wide camera angle that focuses on the active speaker and zooms out if someone else enters the frame. “Impressive. The iPad camera has been poor UNTIL NOW.“

Rapid7 has a software supply chain breach that has not hit the news like SolarWinds. People are in shock. Companies are going back and reanalyzing.

In-person events…AWS is leading with re:Inforce in Houston this August.

Basecamp has learned nothing and doubled down.

SFDC threw a lone engineer under the bus for an outage…Really Salesforce!? One employee is the reason for everything that has gone wrong, and they should feel bad?

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Show Links:

From conversation to code: Microsoft introduces its first product features powered by GPT-3


Microsoft uses GPT-3 to let you code in natural language


Bubble is the most powerful no-code platform, empowering entrepreneurs to build production-ready web apps.



The State of The Cloud


Over 90% of respondents reported growth in on-prem sales over the past 5 years.

Over 50% of respondents’ revenue can be attributed to on-prem software sales.

86% of respondents are using Kubernetes for their on-prem software

The Cost of Cloud, a Trillion Dollar Paradox — a16z


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