21: S2E21: Aneel Lakhani on startup marketing and enterprise clients

In this episode Roll for Enterprise welcomes Aneel Lakhani as a guest. Aneel is a Marketing Exec, Startup Advisor, Growth Therapist, and Investor. After 25-plus years in technology, with stints in engineering, product, and marketing in big companies and startups–Aneel now serves as an advisor to mostly b2b enterprise software startups and VCs.

Aneel shares his insights with Dominic, Lilac and Mike on the difference in marketing between startups and more established enterprises, getting your first enterprise clients as a startup and why it’s particularly hard on both sides and failure modes of tech marketing.


Dominic on getting your first customer reference as a startup: https://findthethread.postach.io/post/reference-this

You can find Aneel as @aneel on Twitter.

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