19: Season 2 Episode 19: Misusing Excel with Priya Doty

Our guest on the podcast this week is Priya Doty. Priya is the Global VP Product Marketing for IBM’s iconic IBM Z brand and it’s all-Linux sister brand, LinuxONE. Unlike a lot of marketers, Priya has also been a developer, which means she enjoys deconstructing marketing messages by reading technical manuals. Based in Brooklyn, she is a mom, wife, and author of an upcoming fiction novel.

Aside from majoring on the topic of Confidential Computing (and Cloud Security in general), Priya is all about the IBM Z platform, Product Marketing (Top 100 Influencer in PMM 2-Years Running!), and outside of work, writing.

Confidential computing is a cloud computing technology that isolates sensitive data in a protected CPU enclave during processing. The contents of the enclave – the data being processed, and the techniques used to process it – are accessible only to authorized programming code, and invisible and unknowable to anything or anyone else, including the cloud provider.

Gartner has called confidential computing a top trend for 2021, naming it and Fully Homomorphic Encryption as part of a trend for “Privacy Enhanced Computation”.

Why IBM believes confidential computing is the future of cloud security

Fully Homomorphic Encryption

The Instagram ads Facebook won’t show you

The Changing Value Of Mistakes

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