Season 2 Episode 17: The Importance Of Core Skills (they’re not soft skills!)

The guest on this episode is Rachel Chalmers of Alchemist Accelerator. Rachel joined Alchemist from Autodesk, where she was Director, Transformation Growth Boards and Product Excellence. Prior to Autodesk, Rachel was a VC with Ignition Partners and Merian Ventures, leading investments in Docker, (acquired by Facebook), Unikernel (acquired by Docker) and She began her career as employee number 10 with 451 Research (acquired by Standard & Poor), where she was the first analyst to cover VMware, Cloudera and Splunk.

Find Rachel on Twitter and on LinkedIn. Alchemist Accelerator is at

Among many other things, our conversation touched on:

  1. “Survival strategies that have outlived their usefulness”
  2. “The humanities teach us what to do when STEM fails”
  3. The importance of core skills (they’re not soft skills!)
  4. And some truly excellent SF reading recommendations for those who listen all the way to the end

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