13: S2E13: Talking About Struggle With Grace Marshall

This week’s guest is Grace Marshall. Author of the award-winning How to be Really Productive, Grace is known for her ‘refreshingly human’ approach to productivity. Featured in The Guardian, Forbes and Huffpost, her work as a Productivity Ninja with global productivity training company Think Productive has helped thousands of people to replace stress, overwhelm and frustration with success, sanity and satisfaction.

We mainly discussed her new book Struggle: the surprising truth, beauty and opportunity hidden in life’s sh*ttier moments:

In a world that’s obsessed with fast hacks, quick wins, and Instagram-perfection, struggle has become a taboo. A sign that something’s gone horribly wrong.

But what if we’ve got it all wrong about getting it wrong?

What if struggle isn’t a battle to fight, a trap to avoid, or a sign of weakness?

What if struggle is precisely where the magic happens – where we do our best, most important work?

With everyday observations and practical encouragement, Grace’s new book Struggle, shines a surprising new light on the truth, beauty and opportunity hidden in life’s shittier moments.

You can find out more at StruggleTheBook.com.

Grace lives in Stafford in the middle of the UK with her husband and two kids, continually working on being a good-enough mum most of the time, with intermittent lapses into hopelessness and brilliance.

She can be found at GraceMarshall.com, on Twitter @GraceMarshall, IG @gracemarshallninja and LinkedIn.

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