10: S2E10: SLOs and SREs a conversation with Brian Singer from Nobl9

In this episode of Roll For Enterprise the team sits down with Brian Singer of Nobl9 to discuss SLOs and SREs.

Brian Singer is a product-focused entrepreneur with a passion for enterprise software, cloud computing, and reliability engineering. He is co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Nobl9, a Battery-backed company building a platform to optimize software reliability. His previous company, Orbitera, was acquired by Google where he adapted the SaaS product to follow Google’s best practices for production and reliability. Prior to Orbitera, Brian worked for BMC and Novell. Brian holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Brown University and an MBA from MIT. He resides in the Boston area where he is perfecting his golf swing.


Nobl9 is the first Service Level Objective (SLO) platform that transforms your existing reliability metrics (i.e. Datadog, Prometheus, New Relic etc.) into actionable indicators of application performance and user experience via a modern engineering workflow (think GitOps / Infra-as-Code) resulting in greater ROI from your reliability initiatives.


Nobl9 news:


Brian’s book recommendation:

Implementing Service Level Objectives https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08FBP3ZRH/

Site Reliability Engineering: https://www.amazon.com/Site-Reliability-Engineering-Production-Systems-ebook/dp/B01DCPXKZ6/

Brian’s Community Reference:

Beyond Seattle SRE https://www.meetup.com/Beyond-Seattle-SRE/

SLO Conference mentioned by Brian:

SLOconf https://twitter.com/SLOConf

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