9: Season 2 Episode 9: IT Career Advice, How to Pace Yourself & Avoid Burnout

Spoon theory

‘Nano transitions’ are the secret to staying productive and avoiding burnout

How to avoid being controlled by your digital tools

Microsoft giving employees extra paid days off to ease pandemic stress


Airbnb predicts ‘significant’ travel rebound

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon Calls For Workers To Return To The Office — yes, Dominic misspoke and said BlackRock, but it was actually Goldman Sachs

Jason Fried Notes

  • Face-to-face real-time should be the last resort, not the first resort.
  • Many people can’t work full time right now, and leadership must recognize that from a leadership perspective. Leadership needs to set the stage and realize that everyone can’t put in a full day. We need to find balance right now.
  • The communication style is different in the office. It’s real-time, pulling into a meeting, or walking over to a. Cube, or shouting down the hall. We don’t need to turn everything into a real-time conversation. Sitting on a zoom call sucks, it’s draining.
  • Zoom meetings, it sucks to sit on one. We have to stop doing that and write things up instead and give more people time to themselves. People need longer stretches of uninterrupted time.
  • If 2-3 people need to get together, they’ll start a zoom right up. There is value in a face-to-face social hour. 5×12, where 5 people once a month randomly get together every month to talk about something non-work-related for an hour.



Home gym equipment


Stanley Tucci on Negroni

NYT Negroni recipe https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/12519-negroni

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