8: S2E8: Rule 34 of Enterprise IT: There’s An Acronym Of It, No Exceptions

What would it mean for IT Ops to be an actually mature discipline, rather than one that is still maturing?

One indication would be that there would be no need to follow the developing trends as new ideas (slowly) percolate through to the mainstream.

Top 8 DevOps Trends for 2021

Rise of serverless: Is serverless hitting the mainstream?

2021 DevOps Predictions

The blog post by Mike Gualtieri at Forrester that started the NoOps conversation: I Don’t Want DevOps. I Want NoOps.

Dominic’s reaction: Not NoOps, but SmartOps


Mike: Zapier — automate all the things (but we’re not sure how to pronounce it)

Zack: Lemonade — new style insurance

Dominic: a rant about CarPlay and Apple Car rumours that turned into a whole aftershow — skip it if you’re not interested!

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