3: Season 2 Episode 3: We Get A Klue

This week we are joined by Vincent Lo, VP of Product Marketing at Klue, a Competitive Enablement company. A 20 year veteran in tech with a wealth of experiences across product, engineering, sales, and marketing, Vincent is an engineer who loves to bring innovative products to market. He’s also a, literally, certified wine geek and spends his down time poking at ways to discover and uncover interesting wines from around the world.

Klue, the highest-rated competitive intelligence platform on the market (as rated by real users on G2), helps companies collect and curate hard to find competitive intelligence, centralize the best of what the web knows about your competition with the best of what your employees know into a single repository. 

Klue’s approach to competitive enablement is attracting leading enterprise customers like Cisco, Tableau, Dell EMC, Red Hat, Shopify and Drift. To name half a dozen. It’s the top platform for supporting enterprise teams to scale, enabling revenue teams with the real-time information to position and message to win competitive deals, and helping Product Marketers deliver trusted and actionable insights across the entire org.

Hit Vincent up on LinkedIn or on Twitter if you want to talk shop or wine. Or hit up Klue’s website for resources and best practices on how to help your sales team kick the competition’s butt with actionable competitive intelligence.

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