1: S2E1: 2021 Predictions

Happy New Year!

Lilac is back for our first episode of the new year! Naturally we kick it off with our predictions for the new year. Amazon dominated prediction like everything else lately.

Mike predicts Amazon will spin out AWS before it comes under tighter DOJ scrutiny over their practices. This way they can continue to featuring everyones business and continue killing startups and competition. Everyone agreed that Amazon should take a lesson from Microsoft and lose the arrogance.

Dominic predicted a change in the nature of Open Source where Open Source moving towards SaaS might not matter to organization as much. Could Open Source diminish?

Lilac suggest a major shift coming in real estate as we never build house or expected to need space for every member of your family to have a video conferencing space.

Zack predicts the battle for industrial workloads to move front and center and a true battle for industry 4.0 to break out. Player will want to dominate as Industry 4.0 will grow like never before.

Other predictions:

AI assistance (or self help) for employees will become front and center in 2021.

More cloud outages and security breaches are to be expected and become common place with company building around them to adapt.

A Discord tie-up with Zoom? There are only two real corporate instant messenger platforms left and a third player needs to emerge after Salesforce acquisition of Salesforce.

Ethic in AI will become a more common place discussion in corporations everywhere.

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