34: Episode 34: 2020 Hindsight

It’s a festive miracle: we made it all the way to the end of 2020! 

We looked back on the major events in 2020 from an enterprise IT perspective. 

Lilac Schoenbeck joined us once again, and helped us consider the wider implications of remote work. It’s not just about a spike in the sales of webcams; there have also been major career impacts that have fallen disproportionately on women.

We were all in agreement that WfH during a pandemic is way harder than during normal times, much more so than we had expected. Zoom fatigue is very real, and is also a symptom of Zoom having (so far) failed to convert its sudden cultural relevance into anything larger. Some major cloud outages during 2020 also highlighted the widespread impacts of single provider failures. Could this be a symptom of the fact that AWS especially seems to be focusing on individual services in isolation, without any wider vision — apart from TOTAL DOMINATION, of course?

Thanks for listening to us in 2020!

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