32: Episode 32: The One About ITSM

Special guest: Claire Agutter

Claire Agutter is a service management trainer, consultant and author. She is the director at ITSM Zone, providing accredited eLearning in ITIL, DevOps, BRM and more, and also at Scopism, publisher of the SIAM Foundation and Professional books. In 2018, 19 and 20 she was recognised by Computer Weekly as one of the 50 most influential women in tech, and in 2017, 18 and 19 she was recognised as an HDI Top 25 Thought Leader. Claire is the host of the popular ITSM Crowd YouTube channel, and Chief Architect for VeriSM.




ITSM recap

What is the state of the art for ITSM? Where did it come from? What do we mean when we say “ITSM”?

Everything started with ITIL (and Prince), now it’s more about lean IT.

“Everything we wrap around tech to make it do what we want for the organisation”

Problem: Thinking about people like software, “how do we upgrade our people”

“This will shock no one in #ITSM but having attended a lot of virtual events, my conclusion is…it’s not about the #technology, it’s about the people. Organisation, communication, community are what really matter”


ITSM and DevOps

How relevant is ITSM if everyone is off being agile?

Tribalism, guardrails

Scope of service management — applies more to supply chain than consumers

ITSM in the cloud

How does moving to the cloud affect ITSM? Does it increase or decrease the need for process?

SIAM for integration and management of many suppliers

Geo differences: big in EMEA, APJ, but nothing in US/CA

IPaaS integration platform as next step in evolution from swivel-chair approaches, through RBA, to RPA and beyond

Should startups implement ITSM? Should large established enterprises model startups’ agility?

More from Claire

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