28: Episode 28: Triskaidekaphobia

How technical should you be, as a manager or a marketer?

At what point is it okay to accept that you’re no longer hands-on? Vice versa, how do you keep up to speed enough to make intelligent decisions?

William Gibson quote, from “Johnny Mnemonic” (published as part of “Burning Chrome”): “These days, though, you have to be pretty technical before you can even aspire to crudeness.”

Skill stacking (although Dominic didn’t yet know the term when he wrote this post): https://findthethread.postach.io/post/intersections

The value of reference customers

How to avoid burning them out — user groups let you go one-to-many

Why a warts-and-all story may actually be better than a “perfect” reference

The power of internal references within a company

Should marketing departments have their own engineers?


Low-code/no-code, Microsoft, and open-source

Guido Van Rossum joins Microsoft: twitter.com/gvanrossum/status/1326932991566700549



Reverse recommendation! Since Apple didn’t announce a monitor that costs less than several of my early cars, what 4k monitor should I get? Zack and Mike came out strongly in favour of Dell curved monitors, which are tempting, but what else should I consider?


Italians Mad About Food (see here for some context, or just enjoy the tweets)



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