24: Accelerating enterprise IT transformation with Presidio

Zack, Mike, and Dominic are joined this week by John Hanlon and Steven Palmese, respectively the CRO and CIO for Presidio.

As the pandemic accelerated companies’ journey to the cloud, challenges have emerged, whether migrating existing applications, building new cloud-native applications, or managing both the cloud and on-premise environments. In parallel with these infrastructure questions, digital business transformations have challenged the IT workforce and created demand for new roles and skills – both in IT and across every functional area. All of these evolutions are taking place against a backdrop of falling budgets and ever-greater expectations from the business and end-users. Presidio managed and professional services have spent the last years adding automation and AI/ML to their existing toolset, helping Presidio respond faster and more efficiently to ever-changing business needs.

John and Steven share their thoughts on the high expectations placed on CIOs, the ever-changing IT workforce, the gradual acceptance of shadow IT, and the dos and don’ts of migrations to the cloud and adopting a cloud-first mindset.

You can reach Presidio online at https://www.presidio.com, on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/presidio-/, and their Twitter handle is @Presidio, https://twitter.com/Presidio.

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