23: Nylas and the API Economy

Zack, Mike, and Dominic are joined this week by Matt Harper. Matt is Vice President of Marketing for Nylas, where he leads global marketing efforts for the API-first developer platform that serves customers like Dialpad, Ceridian, Hubspot and Move.com. Nylas most recently closed a Series B round for $25M this past June. Matt joined Nylas from Moogsoft, where he helped lead the company from Series B through Series D rounds, raising nearly $100M and scaling the company’s revenues by over 6x. Previously, Matt led marketing departments at Glassdoor and Sony PlayStation, where he led digital marketing efforts for the PlayStation 4. 

Nylas is a developer API platform that helps you quickly launch new productivity features without having to write custom code. Through a single integration, developers can leverage rich communications data to trigger automated workflow, like scheduling meetings or syncing data to a CRM. Learn more about Nylas at nylas.com or on Twitter @nylas.

Some of the topics we discussed:

  • Secular trends in the market – engineering as a blue-collar profession
  • API adoption rates and insights into Twilio’s enterprise market penetration
  • Combinatorial innovation, composable software
  • What matters most to developers? Insights from market research.
  • From monolithic suites to individual components — rise of REST APIs
  • Why “best of breed” used to be a dirty word — and isn’t any longer
  • Integration with “proper” development practices — versioning, backups, security, ongoing maintenance, etc 
  • What does DevOps look like when Dev is not developers and Ops is automated away?

That blog post of Dominic’s that he shamelessly promoted on air: Serving Two Causes

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