17: Can’t Get Out Of The Cloud

Dominic’s back from the beach, where luckily there were no clouds. The question of the week is, can enterprises also avoid the cloud — and should they? 

We talked about cloud repatriation, and mentioned Lydia Leong’s piece on the topic (https://cloudpundit.com/2020/07/27/hunting-the-dread-gazebo-of-repatriation/). Dominic also shamelessly plugged a piece of his own on multi-cloud in 2020 (https://diginomica.com/three-reasons-why-multi-cloud-back-and-here-stay), as well as Charity Major’s piece on the future of Ops jobs (https://acloudguru.com/blog/engineering/the-future-of-ops-jobs). We didn’t get around to mentioning Steve Yegge’s piece on Google Cloud and how its deprecation policy makes it hard to love (https://medium.com/@steve.yegge/dear-google-cloud-your-deprecation-policy-is-killing-you-ee7525dc05dc).


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