16: The impact of FOMO on IT Strategy and Operations

While Dominic is enjoying the sandy beaches of Italy, Zack and Mike welcome back Lilac Schoenbeck VP, Go-to-Market Strategy for Rocket Software https://www.rocketsoftware.com/.

This week they discuss the “fear of missing out” occurring in IT departments everywhere. The pressure imposed by the analysts & marketing to keep up with all other “cool” companies. Casting doubt on this catch up/keep up culture, and the need to differentiate and strive.

Are we doing it all wrong?

Does IT really need always to follow the latest trend? Do we need to look further than optimizing and efficiencies? Are we tackling optimization and efficiencies in IT rather than in the care business?

In case you hadn’t realized it, IT is part of the business, so if you’re trying to align or bring closer, IT strategy and business strategy, we fear you are doing it all wrong and are already off base.

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