15: Pressure Cooker: The constant unrelenting pressure on Enterprise IT to keep up and stay ahead

While Dominic is enjoying the sandy beaches of Italy, Zack and Mike welcome back Lilac Schoenbeck (https://www.linkedin.com/in/lilac/) VP, Go-to-Market Strategy for Rocket Software https://www.rocketsoftware.com/ 

Together they discuss what exactly does it mean when cloud is moving on premise and the challenges it poses to IT. Why does it matter? And isn’t infrastructure just infrastructure?

Followed by a discussion on the mounting pressure on IT to keep up, innovate and change at break neck speeds. The discuss turns to the challenges around budgets, tech talent and from the business itself. Where are the true decisions makers?

Be prepared to count how many times you hear the term Mainframe, AS/400, iSeries and Power. Not to mention Zack’s favorite terms containers and kubernetes.

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