13: If the cloud is on-prem is it still cloud?

In this week’s episode: Dominic, Zack and Mike tackle the antitrust hearing from big tech (Amazon, Facebook, Google, Apple) and the monster earnings announcement the next day.

Virtual Conference and the continuing pain. Conferences need to change! Google Next has moved to 9 weeks long — and what is Gartner doing?

Cloud, and specifically on premises cloud. When did cloud move on prem, and can it still be cloud if it is on prem? What exactly is the benefit here?


We close it off with a discussion of GPT-3 and the benefits versus worries for some of us. https://thenextweb.com/neural/2020/07/23/openais-new-gpt-3-language-explained-in-under-3-minutes-syndication/

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